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Beggarweed Extract 4: 1, 10: 1 or Customized

Source: | Updated: May 18, 2016

Basic Info.

Model NO.:Beggarweed ExtractRaw Material:Plants
Package:25kg/DrumSpecification:KOSHER ISO: 9001, 4:1,10:1 or Customized
Production Capacity:50000kg

Product Description

Beggarweed Extract
Product Name: Beggarweed Extract
Latin name: Desmodium racemosum
Specification:4:1,10:1 or customized
Appearance: Brown fine powder
Solubility:Soluble in water
Brief Introdction
Qufeng, detumescence,used to relieve the bone injury.
Rheumatic arthritis, lumbago, mastitis.
To cure the wound bit by poisonous snakes.
Main Function
Qufeng, detumescence,used to relieve the bone injury.
Rheumatic arthritis, lumbago, mastitis.
To cure the wound bit by poisonous snakes.
1.prevent colds 
2.treatment filariasis 
3.treatment of rheumatoid arthritis 
4.the treatment of various inflammatory diseases such as pneumonia, acute appendicitis, 
acute gastroenteritis, bacterial dysentery, abscesse

*Herbal extract
* Softgel
* Herbal oil
*Natural color
*Herbal powder
*Vegetable & Fruit powder
- We can also customize orders as customer's requirements and specifications. 
- Apex is specialized in manufacturing and exporting different kinds of food industry related goods, such as Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin, Ginger Extract Gingerols, Green Coffee Bean Extract Total Chlorogenic Acids, Fenugreek Seed Extract Furostanol Saponins 50%, Natural herbal ingredients etc. 
- With the effective exporting system and prompt reaction, we ensure that we can transfer the shipping documents and deliver our cargoes on time. 

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