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Natural Flavor Extract

Natural Flavor Extract refers to the original fragrant material made from the aromatic parts of plants and processed by simple processing. It includes the ginger extract powder which is used for solid food and tea drink. It is produced with small particles that it is easy to use with the simple operation.
Extracting from the natural plants, the natural flavor extract is safe, pure and healthy with no harmful substances. And it is healthy that it widely used to treat illness which can help people recover quickly to the normal life with a good and strong body. It is practical and useful that it can be used as a food additive or used to formulate flavors.
As one of the professional and reliable manufacturers in China, our company has strict standards which is able to meet the international requirements that the natural flavor extract is made of guaranteed quality. Wholesale service is available that you can get the products with cheap price from our company.
  • Ginger Extract Powder
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    Ginger Extract Powder

    ​Ginger extract powder is used for solid food and tea drink. The main material of ginger powder is ginger. It contains volatile oils and gingerols. Ginger has the effects of dispelling cold, stopping vomiting, warming the stomach, relieving pain, sterilizing, and dysentery.Read More
Apex Biotech Ltd is one of the leading China natural flavor extract manufacturers equipped with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap natural flavor extract from us.
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