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  • Chicory Extract,Inulin Powder, 90% Organic Inulin with Good Solubility,chicory acid 2%

    Contact NowChicory Extract,Inulin Powder, 90% Organic Inulin with Good Solubility,chicory acid 2%Apex Biotech Ltd is one of the leading China chicory extract manufacturers equipped with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap chicory extract, chicory root extract inulin, 90% organic inulin, energy drinks sweeter inulin, chicory acid from us. Brief Introduction what is chircory...Read More

  • 90% Organic Energy Drinks Sweeter Inulin

    Contact Now90% Organic Energy Drinks Sweeter InulinThe chicory root extract powder, which can also be called the 90% organic energy drinks sweeter inulin, is a product that is often used as a food additive or a high-fiber diet. It is made from dried and ground chicory roots. Not only is it good for weight loss, it also contributes to heart health by resisting fat that the level of blood clots can be reduced.Read More

  • Chicory Root Extract Inulin

    Contact NowChicory Root Extract InulinThe chicory root extract inulin has the functions of improving intestinal calcium absorption, regulating calcium balance and bone mineral density, but does not affect the retention of other minerals, thereby affecting the bone structure and increasing the mineral concentration and bone mineral density in the bone. The chicory root extract inulin is widely used in daily life that it can serve as the nutrition supplements which is easy to be absorbed with the uniform particles.Read More

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