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  • Guarana Extract,Guarana Seed extract

    Contact NowGuarana Extract,Guarana Seed extractBrief Introduction Guarana extract, usually a light brown powder, is water soluble. The extract is often used mixed with water or juice.You'll find guarana powder a key ingredient in popular energy drinks, such as Rock Star, Cult and Sobe, and in energy pills. The powder extract is also a...Read More

  • Pueraria Extract,Kudzu Root Extract,98% puerarin,Cas:3681-99-0,Puerarin Isoflavones

    Contact NowPueraria Extract,Kudzu Root Extract,98% puerarin,Cas:3681-99-0,Puerarin IsoflavonesProduct Name: Powdered Pueraria Root Extract(Pueraria Isoflavone, Puerarin, Daidzein)

    Botanical Source: Pueraria lobata

    Used Part: Root

    Specification: Pueraria Isoflavones(HPLC/UV),Puerarin 20%-80% (HPLC) ,Daidzein 80%Read More

  • Ginger Extract Powder

    Contact NowGinger Extract PowderApex Biotech Ltd is one of the leading China ginger extract powder manufacturers equipped with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap ginger extract powder from us. Ginger extract powder Spicy and burning taste Ginger extract powder smells spicy and burning taste,is used for solid food...Read More

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