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Radix Rehmanniae Extract

Radix Rehmanniae Extract
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Apex Biotech Ltd is one of the leading China radix rehmanniae extract manufacturers equipped with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap radix rehmanniae extract, adhesive rehmannia root tuber extract, catalpol 98%, shu di huang extract, radix rehmanniae extract 10:1 from us.

Radix Rehmanniae Extract


Specification : 5:1;10:1;20:1 or Customize
Other name: Radix rehmanniae extract /  Digitalis lanata Extract / Chinese Foxglove extract 
Active Ingredients :  Digitalin;Rehmaionoside;Lanatoside 
Usege : Pharmaceutical / Health product
Part Used : Root



What is Radix Rehmanniae Extract?

Radix Rehmanniae Extract  is a chemical known as an alkaloyd. These nitrogen containing substances are what many pharmaceuticals are based on. One of their characteristic properties is how their soluability is affected by pH. In acid environments they form alkaloyd salts and are water soluable. In a basic environment they are nonpolar compounds and are soluable in nonpolar solvents. Extraction involves exposing dried plant material to a basic solution of Sodium or Potassium hydroxide in a separatory funnel. To this is added a nonpolar solvent like hexane or petroleum ether. The alkaloys will pass from the water into the nonpolar solvent. The solvent is separated and when evaporated, the alkaloyds remain as a sticky white substance. Alkaloyds are characterized by a bitter taste. Most of these compounds have either stimulatory or sedative effects on the central nervous system and can be toxic in large doses. Digitalis itself is used as a heart stimulant. 


Main Function&Benefits of  Radix Rehmanniae Extract
1. Seasonal febrile disease involving yinfen and yuefen, manifested as fever and irritability
2. Blood-heat syndrome manifested as hematemesis , epistaxis, hemoptysis, hematuria, hemafecia, metrorrhagia ,etc.
3. Febrile diseases with consumption of body fluid manifested as fever ,thirst and constipation
4. Syndrome of yin deficiency and fire-hyperactivity with hectic fever
5. Lung dryness syndrome with cough of epistaxis
6. Sthenic or asthenic heat-syndrome with sorethroat.


Application of Adhesive Rehmannia Root Tuber Extract
1.Adhesive rehmannia root tuber extract can nourish blood and pith.
2.For kidney deficiency, lumbar debility, bone steaming hot, hot, spermatorrhea night sweats, yellow hemopenia quench, palpitation,
excessive menstrual bleeding, vertigo, tinnitus, under the blood and liver.

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