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Rumex Crispus Extract

Rumex Crispus Extract
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Rumex Crispus Extract


Product Name:   Sorrel herb extract Powder       

Latin Name: Rumex acetosella L. 

Part Used: Whole Herb

Appearance:    Brown Yellow Fine powder

Loss on drying: ≤5.0%

Sieve analysis: 100% pass 80 meshes

Extract solvent: alcohol and water

Heavy metal: <20ppm

Water Soluble:Good


What is Rumex Crispus Extract?

Sheep Sorrel is said to be an excellent vermifuge, an agent that destroys and expels worms from the intestinal tract, as the plant allegedly contains compounds considered toxic to intestinal parasites.

Sheep Sorrel has been used to promote perspiration and reduce fevers and, thus, cool the body and also eliminate toxins through the skin.

It is said to promote the flow of urine and benefit the kidneys and bladder by loosening and helping to dissolve gravel and expelling it through the urine. It is also said to help treat a variety of urinary complaints.


 The main benefits of Rumex Crispus Extract

(1). Blood cleanser, purifier, and builder; tones the entire system.

(2). High in vitamin C and iron compounds – one of the best blood builders.

(3). Good for all skin problems.

(4). Dissolves mucus and moves it through kidneys.

(5). Excellent cleanser of lymphatic system.

(6). Dissolves glandular and other tumors. Kills parasites, which contribute to cancer.

(7). Used for hepatitis.

(8). The plant is edible. The leaves are used for green drink and other eating


Application of Rumex Crispus Extract


1.Health Products

2.Functuonal Supplements 


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